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Life insurance for most is a peace of mind to take care of the family and the love one should there be a premature death to the bread winner of the family. Most clients consider a level term policy while they are young and healthy to take care of the financial obligations and yet provide a peace of mind to the family.

However, industry changes, there are life insurance policies provide living benefits for insured should he/she suffers critical illness and has the need of using the fund on the life insurance policy for the cost of repaying the medical cost and/or take care the cost of Long Term Care needs during his/her own life time.

Carriers affiliation:
• American General Life Companies
• Aviva
• Banner
• MetLife
• Genworth
• Hartford
• John Hancock
• Lincoln National
• North American
• Principal Life
• Protective
• Prudential Financial
• RBC Insurance
• ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (ING)
• Security Life of Denver Insurance Company
• Transamerica
• West Coast Life

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